Ayrancı is located between 37°36' North latitude and 33°68' East longitude. Its  distance from Karaman city center is 45 km. The average altitude of the district is 1.135 meters above sea level. The district is surrounded by Karapınar district of Konya in the north, Mersin province in the south, Karaman in the west and Ereğli district of Konya in the east. The area of the district is 2.432,1 km².

The total population of Ayrancı district was 7.608 in 2022.

The economic structure in the district is mostly based on agriculture and animal husbandry. However, a dynamism has been observed in the mining and renewable energy sectors in recent years.

The Socio-Economic Development Ranking Research (SEGE) study is updated in 2022. This study objectively measures and compares the socio-economic development of districts. Within the scope of the study, 56 variables are used. As a result of the analysis, the index scores and ranks of the districts are determined, and the districts are grouped in 6 development levels according to the scores. As a result of the study, Ayrancı district is ranked 773th among 973 districts in our country. With this value, it is in the 6th place among 6 districts including the Karaman central district in our province. It is in the 5th group in the development level ranking of the districts in Türkiye.

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