Karaman has the potential to become a leader in the energy sector in Türkiye in the future.

Karaman Energy Specialized Industrial Zone which has 1,541.8 hectares within the borders of Karaman Central District was determined and declared. It is envisaged that solar power plant investments approaching 1000 MW will be made in Karaman Energy Specialized Industrial Zone.

Karaman is a province that produces electrical energy more than twice it consumes. Karaman is a very advantageous province in terms of wind and solar, which are renewable energy sources. In addition, with its hydroelectric power plants and coal potential, Karaman is a candidate city to become the energy capital of the future.

Recently, investments especially in the field of renewable energy have increased rapidly with the influence of energy policies in this field, and the total installed power is approaching 1000 MW. A significant part of this production in Karaman is provided by hydroelectric power plants (532.4 MW). Ermenek Dam (302.4 MW), built on the Ermenek stream feeding the Göksu River, contributes significantly to the installed power in this sense.

Ermenek Dam, one of the most important and largest dams in the world and Türkiye, is located in Göksu Valley with a height equal to an 80-storey skyscraper. The dam is the 3rd highest dam in our country with a height of 218 meters from the foundation. Ermenek Dam, with an average electricity production of 859,647,586 kilowatt-hours, has the capacity to meet the electrical energy needs of Karaman in areas such as housing, industry, transportation, government offices, environmental lighting and agriculture.

Karaman is located on the slope of the climate transition and on the slope of the Taurus Mountains. That’s why there is a potential of wind energy especially in the mountainous areas. There is the possibility of generating electricity from wind energy mainly  in the Karaman center  and in the Ermenek, Başyayla and Sarıveliler districts.

The potential capacity to establish a wind power plant for Karaman is estimated to be approximately 1,000 MW. The total RES installed power in our city has exceeded 102 MW.

Additionally, in terms of coal potential; A significant amount of lignite coal reserves have been detected within the borders of Karapınar district of Konya and Ayrancı district of Karaman.

Karaman is the province with the highest GSR and sunshine duration in Türkiye. Karaman is in the 1st place in our country in terms of Solar Energy potential.

Karaman is one of the most prominent region considering the its potential and current situation in solar energy sector. When evaluated together with the neighbour provinces, Karaman has significant advantages in terms of supporting these solar investments due to the fact that the TR52 region where there are many companies operating in the solar energy sector.bKaraman solar energy potential can be evaluated more effectively with the Karaman Energy Specialized Industrial Zone.

In addition to hydroelectric, solar and wind power plant investments; Our city is taking firm steps towards becoming an energy base with Biomass Energy investments and investments in Karaman Energy Specialized Industrial Zone.

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