Why Karaman?

1. Location (Center of Anatolia)

  • 15 million people in 3 hours distance by land and railway.
  • At the center of the 6 provinces which are in the top 10 populated provinces of  the country.

2. Developed Food Industry (The Capital of Food)

  • Approximately %35 of the biscuits, wafers, cakes and chocolate products in our country are produced in Karaman.
  • A significant part of the bulgur produced and exported in Turkey is performed by Karaman.

3.Transportation-Railway (High Speed Train)

  • High-speed train services started between Konya and Karaman. With the connection of Karaman to the high-speed train network, the distances between Ankara and Istanbul decreased.

4. Transportation- Airways (Karaman Airport)

  • Karaman Airport is included in the National Investment Program and the process continues. The new airport, planned on 378 thousand hectares in Sudurağı Town, will be approximately 20 km from Karaman city center and approximately 60 km from Konya's Ereğli district center.

5. Transportation-Highways (Modern Highways)

  • The biggest port of Turkey; Mersin Port is just 2 hours drive away from Karaman thanks to the highways and railway.

6.Karaman Logistic Center

  • Karaman OIZ Cargo Terminal will be established on 400 decare land for loading, unloading, container stock and customs activities.Thanks to the railway between Karaman and Mersin and Karaman Railway Logistic Center ; the products will be delivered to the Mersin Port safely in a shorter time.

7.Free Zone

  • In the Organized Industrial Zone, The Zoning status work for the declaration of free zone in 2 million m2 area is completed. The company of the Free Zone is founded. The feasibility study is implemented. The process continues

8.Export Focused Industry

  • Karaman ranks high in Turkey in terms of exports per capita.
  • Karaman exports to about 160 countries.

9.Infrastructure Ready Organized Industrial Zone

  • Natural gas, electricity, water, internet, sewerage, infrastructures are ready for investment.

10. Low Earthquake Risk

  • Karaman is ranked 1st in Turkey in the sense of earthquake risk.

11.The Energy Capital of The Future

  • Karaman is the province that has the highest sunshine radiation rate in Turkey.

12.Ideal Region For Fruit Processing Investments

  • Ranked 1st in the number of  certificated apple tree in Turkey.
  • In terms of apple production, Karaman ranks in the top 3 in Turkey, although its ranking changes every year according to climatic conditions.

13.University and Labor Force (Developing, Innovative University  and Qulified Labor Force)

  • 11 Faculties, 2 High Schools,  6 Vocational Schools and 3 Institutes. With 17.000 students, Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University provides resources for the qualified labor force.

14.Incentives (3rd Region in Incentive System)

  • Karaman has significant advantages in the incentive system considering the neighboring provinces. Antalya benefits the lowest supports in the 1st Region. Konya benefits the 2nd Region Supports. Karaman benefits from the 3rd Region Supports.
  • Investments to be made in Ayrancı, Başyayla, Ermenek, Kazımkarabekir and Sarıveliler districts have the opportunity to benefit from the support of the 4th region.

15.Suitable Climate Conditions

  • Suitable climate conditions for agricultural product diversity and investments.

16.Base of Agriculture and Livestock (Fertile Soils)

  • Industry in Karaman with its fertile soils has developed mostly based on agriculture and food sectors.

17.Developing Tourism Sector 

  • A unique tourism potential as a history and nature.


  • Teknokent management company was established, the technokent area was determined and the land was allocated. Regarding Karaman Technopark;  the process and studies continue.

19.Food Machinery Sector

  • Food Manufacturing  Industry triggered various sectors such as packaging, raw materials and machinery. So Karaman became a completely self sufficient Food City.In Karaman,  the food machinery sector with 20+ enterprises, is the 2nd most important sector after the food manufacturing sector in all sectors.

20.Flat Lands Suitable For Investment and Agriculture

  • Our province has wide flat areas because of geographical characteristics. Our land properties are capable of meeting the appropriate land conditions which are the priorities of the investors.Karaman plain has very large flat areas where agriculturel products grow. Approximately %40 of the provincial lands are cultivated.

21.Water Resources

  • Karaman Organized Industrial Zone is approximately 5 km from Yeşildere Dam and 30 km to Ayrancı Dam.Ermenek Dam is one of the most important and largest dams in the world, and Turkey is located in the Karaman province.

22.Strong Tie With The Netherlands and Dutch Capacity

  • Approximately 60 thousand people from Karaman live in The Netherlands.There are strong economic and cultural ties between Karaman and The Netherlands.The Netherlands is the 1st country regarding the direct investments to Turkey between 2003 and 2020. Netherlands invested approximately 35 billion $ to Turkey between 2003 and 2020 with %15,9 share.

23.Developing Social and Cultural Life

  • The construction of the new 15,000-seat Karaman city stadium is in progress. The construction of new 2500 seat indoor sport arena is completed. There are places for social life such as Shopping Center, Fair and Congress Center, Cultural Center. Many events such as fairs, theaters and conferences are hosted in these venues.

24.Center of Education

  • Karaman is in a better position than Turkey's average in the number of students per classroom in primary and secondary education. Karaman ranks first in Turkey in terms of transition to full-time education.
  • Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University is one of the important institutions of our country with around 17.000 students and nearly 200 undergraduate, associate and postgraduate programs. It aims to make significant contributions to Turkish higher education, especially in the fields of Turkish language, food and agriculture, and energy, with laboratories and conference halls at international standards, social and sports facilities in its large campus.

25. Karaman 2nd Organized Industrial Zone

  • As a result of establishing a 2nd OIZ in an area of approximately 194 hectares to meet the industrial investment demands in our province, the region gained legal personality in 2021. The region, which will strengthen the title of the industrial city of Karaman, will also make a great contribution to the economy of our country when it starts to operate actively.

26. Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) Provincial Life Index Study

  • This study was published by TUIK for the first time in 2016. Karaman was the 25th province among 81 provinces in the "Life in Provinces Index" study.
  • The Life Index in Provinces study covers a total of 41 indicators under the dimensions of housing, working life, income and wealth, health, education, environment, security, civic participation, access to infrastructure services, social life, life satisfaction, which have a great impact on individual life.

Karaman Investment Advantages    

Raw Materials:  High agriculture and husbandry  raw materials potential. Rich presence of minerals and renewable energy potential.

Transportation, Logistic and Marketing: Karaman provides the ability to rich 15 million people in 3 hours. Also with railroad connection, it is possible to freight transport to Konya, Adana, Mersin, Eskişehir, Ankara, Kocaeli, Adapazarı and İstanbul. Through Mersin Port which is only 230 km away, it is possible to sell the goods or produce the raw materials.

Land: Existing OIZ and the ongoing 2nd OIZ. -The province with the lowest earthquake risk in Turkey

Labor: Over 100.000 qualified workforce potential in 6 universities including  5 in one hour away from Konya.

Energy: 1st in Turkey regarding GSR and sunshine hours. The ability for the firms to produce their own electricity.

Water: Yeşildere Dam is only 5 km from the OIZ.

Suppliers and Supporting Industries: A large variety of supporting industries in Karaman and Konya. The ability to reach world markets through Mersin Port. 

Nature and Environment: Mild and dry climate.

Incentives: Karaman is in the 3rd region in the new incentive system (4th if the investment is in the OIZ). Investments to be made in Ayrancı, Başyayla, Ermenek, Kazımkarabekir and Sarıveliler districts have the opportunity to benefit from the support of the 4th region.

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