Agricultural Land

The northern part of the Karaman Province is covered with steppe plants and the southern part is covered with forest. 2/3 of the land is mountainous. The city center is located in the plain, just south of the Taurus extension.

The total surface area of Karaman is 885,100 ha, 37% of which is agricultural land and 22% is meadow pasture land. The total agricultural land of our city is 327,224 ha. Although 232,794 ha (71%) of the total agricultural land is irrigable, 142,412 ha (43.5%) is irrigated. Although other areas are technically and economically suitable for irrigation, they cannot be irrigated due to lack of water.

Agricultural Production

Karaman has an important position in the production of cereals and pulses. Products such as Wheat, barley, corn and sugar beet  are grown in the region. Karaman is leading in the production of many products.According to the annual yield of 2022; Karaman is the 5th in the production of dry beans, 3rd in vetch production, 5th in flower bulb production, 7th in the production of chickpeas, 2nd in malted barley production, 6th in fresh onion and 5th in fresh garlic, 7th in carrot production, 6th in pear production, 5th in corn (grain), 9th in durum wheat, 7th in dried seed grapes and 12th in sugar beet production.

It is a fruit production center in terms of fruit production and especially apple production. Apple is one of the most important agricultural products of Karaman. Karaman is among the top 3 cities in apple production, although its ranking changes every year according to climatic conditions. Similarly, it ranks first in Türkiye with the number of certified apple trees.

Strongly existing agricultural sector in Karaman Province; has contributed to the development of the food sector, food machinery and agricultural machinery sectors in the region. There is a fruit juice processing facility with large capacity in Karaman.It is foreseen that new fruit juice processing facilities can be opened due to the fact that the fruit sector is widespread in the region. 


In Karaman where it’s area consist of 21% of the land is composed of pasture and meadow areas livestock sector is an important sector. While bovine animals are feeded in the plains, small cattle breeding is carried out in the mountainous regions.
There are 15 milk facilities which of them with large capacity in the region. Karaman ranks 6th in Türkiye in terms of the number of sheep (merinos).

According to TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) data for 2022, animal stock and honey production in Karaman are as follows:

 Animal Wealth and Honey Production


 Total Number of Bovine


 Total Number of Sheep and Goat




Honey Production (Tons)


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