According to the data of 2021, the total population of Karaman province is 258,838, and 61,836 of this population live in the towns or villages of Karaman. Karaman center population is 203,830 people. 52% of Karaman population is 35 years old and younger population.

According to the Address-Based Population Registration System of 2021, the population of Karaman is 258,838 and it constitutes 0.3% of Turkey's population, which is 84,680,273. When a comparison is made on the basis of provinces, Karaman ranks 67th in Turkey in terms of population. The number of people per square kilometer in Karaman is 30. The population growth rate in Karaman in 2021 is 15.4 per thousand.



Districts 2020 2021 Town and Villages City City Residence Rate Population Growth Rate Area (km2) Population Density (person/km2)
Ayrancı 7.946 7.859 5.478 2.381 30,30% -1,09% 2.245 4
Başyayla 3.608 3.508 1.577 1.931 55,05% -2,77% 141 25
Ermenek 28.417 27.843 16.402 11.441 41,09% -2,02% 1.242 22
Kazımkarabekir 3.956 4.404 1.107 3.297 74,86% 11,32% 423 10
Karaman Central District 199.482 203.830 31.147 172.683 84,72% 2,18% 4.036 51
Sarıveliler 11.510 11.394 6.125 5.269 46,24% -1,01% 590 19
Total 254.919 258.838 61.836 197.002 76,11% 1,54% 8.677 30

Source: TUIK 2021 (* Calculations were made by Karaman Investment Support Office)

When the population indicators of Karaman province and its districts in 2020/2021 are examined, it is seen that the population has increased (1.54%) when all regions of the province are taken into account. On the basis of districts, it is seen that the population decreased in Ayrancı, Başyayla, Ermenek and Sarıveliler districts, and increased in Kazımkarabekir and Karaman Central districts. In addition, there is a higher population density in Karaman Central district, Başyayla, Sarıveliler and Ermenek districts. Another important indicator is the high rate of residence in villages and towns in Ayrancı and Ermenek districts.

Young Population – Potential Workforce

The group aged 35 and under, which we can call the young population of Karaman province, corresponds to 52% of the total population. The total population of 35 and below is 134.458.

When we look at the distribution of Karaman population by age groups, the working-age population in the 15-64 age group constitutes 67,31% of the total population. 21% of Karaman population is in the 0-14 age group, 11.4% is in the 65 and over age group.

When we look at the distribution of Türkiye's population by age groups, the working age population in the 15-64 age group constitutes 75.6% of the total population. 14.5% of Türkiye's population is in the 0-14 age group, and 9.7% is in the 65 and over age group.

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) "Life Index in Provinces" Study

The Life Index in Provinces study was first published by TUIK in 2016. The Life Index in Provinces study covers a total of 41 indicators under the dimensions of housing, working life, income and wealth, health, education, environment, security, civic participation, access to infrastructure services, social life, life satisfaction, which have a great impact on individual life. In this study, Karaman ranked 25th among 81 provinces.

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