Important Projects

Within next 10 years, after completion of current projects Karaman will be a center in energy and food sectors

Karaman Energy Specialized Industrial Zone
  • It was decided to establish Energy Industrial Zone in Karaman. The studies on the establishment of this region continue. Total area size is 16.280,000 m2 Solar energy potential will have an installed capacity of 822 MW
  • Annual total solar radiation value of Karaman is 654,96 Kwh/m2-year. The same value for Turkey is 601,32 Kwh/m2-year.
  • While the Sunshine Duration of Karaman is 8,24 hours/day, the same value for Turkey is 7.5 hour/day.(Year average)
  • The city that produces 3 times the electrical energy consumption.
High Speed Train Project
  • Karaman- Konya,  Karaman- Mersin dual carriageway for cargo transportation and railroad track reneval.
  • The high speed train construction between Konya and Karaman is completed. Passenger transport  started.
  • The travel times with high speed train are shortened . 2.5 hours between Karaman and Ankara; 5.5 hours between Karaman and İstanbul.
  • High-speed train construction from Karaman to Mersin continues.
Karaman 2nd Organized Industrial Zone
  • In order to meet the industrial investment demands in our province, it was decided to establish a 2nd OIZ on an area of approximately 194 hectares in Sudurağı Town. The process is in progress.
  • The 2nd OIZ, which will strengthen Karaman's title as an industrial city, will make a great contribution to our country's economy.
Logistics Center Project
  • Karaman OIZ Cargo Terminal will be established on 400 decare land for loading, unloading, container stock and customs activities.In addition, 300 decareof land was included in the project as an expension area.
  • According to feasibility study, 1 million tons of transport capacity will be provided, and total 364 thousand m2 of logistics area will be provided to our city.
  • Thanks to the railway construction between Karaman and Mersin and Karaman Railway Logistic Center, the products will be delivered to the Mersin port safely in a shorter time.
Karaman Free Zone
  • In the Organized Industrial Zone, zoning regulatory works for the declaration of free zone which has 2 million m2 area have been prepared . The company of the Free Zone is founded. The feasibility study is implemented.
  • The land for the establishment of the free zone was purchased and the process of the conducting a business contract with the Ministry of Commerce is being carried out.
  • Process for for infrastructure, ground survey, settlement, wastewater projects are ongoing. The process is in progress.
Karaman Airport Project
  • Karaman Airport is included in the National Investment Program.
  • The new airport that is planned to be built in Sudurağı Town; is going to be 20 kms to the city centre and 60 kms to Ereğli district of Konya .
  • The Karaman Airport will be established over 378.000 ha of area.The design, ground works and environmental works have been completed . It is planned to move to the tender process stage.
Karaman Technopark Project
  • The establishment of the Karaman Technology Development Zone (Karaman Technopark) in the province of Karaman was accepted by the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette dated 24.06.2015. Karaman Technopark Management Company was established, the Technopark area was determined and the land was transferred.
  • In the temporary service building, the works of 10 R&D projects are carried out by 7 entrepreneurial companies within the body of Karaman Technopark.
  • Regarding Karaman Technology Development Zone; Zoning Plans have been drawn up, Architectural Projects and Annexes, Land Use, Design of Buildings and Facilities have been completed, and the necessary financing and tender preparation studies are continuing.
Karaman Investment Support Office
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Karaman Investment Support Office

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