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Agricultural Land

The northern part of the Karaman Province is covered with steppe plants and the southern part is covered with forest. 2/3 of the land is mountainous. The provincial center is located in the plain, just south of the Taurus extension. The total surface area of Karaman is 8.851.001 decares. And The Farmland consists of 21% of the land meadow pastures, 27 % of forest lands and 13 % of other areas.

While 252.584 ha (73%) of the total agricultural land of our province is irrigable, 108.681 ha (43%) of the irrigable area is irrigated but 143.903 ha (57%) irrigable area is not irrigated due to lack of the water.

Agricultural Production

Karaman has an important position in the production of cereals and pulses. Products such as Wheat, barley, corn and sugar beet  are grown in the region. Karaman with 39,000 tons of dry bean production ranks 2nd in Turkey. Karaman is leading in the production of many products. Karaman is the 4th in the production of chickpeas, the 5th in the production of oats and the 7th in the sugar beet production. In terms of fruit production and especially apple production, Karaman is a fruit production center. Karaman is ranked 2nd in apple production and 3rd in walnut production and 8th in almond production in Turkey. Karaman, where various vegetables are grown, ranks 7th in pumpkin production, 8th in scallion production, 9th in cabbage production and tenth in cucumber production in Turkey. Strongly existing agricultural sector in Karaman Province; has contributed to the development of the food sector, food machinery and agricultural machinery sectors in the region. There is a fruit juice processing facility with large capacity in Karaman.It is foreseen that new fruit juice processing facilities can be opened due to the fact that the fruit sector is widespread in the region. Public institutions, private organizations and NGOs work in coordination in order to achieve the desired levels of efficiency in apple production in our province. In this context, the works for the establishment of Karaman Apple Stock will be the first in Turkey continues. Works are ongoing to create a new vision in the sector through seminars, meetings and workshops organized under the leadership of MEVKA.


In Karaman where it’s area consist of 21% of the land is composed of pasture and meadow areas livestock sector is an important sector. While bovine animals are feeded in the plains, small cattle breeding is carried out in the mountainous regions.
There are 15 milk facilities which 3 of them with large capacity in the region. In recent yerars, fishing is being done in dams built in Ermenek Region. Fishing has been a new source of income for the people live there.

Turkish Statistical Institute, Karaman’s animal husbandry data is below.


 Animal Spices


 Total Number of Bovine


 Total Number of Sheep and Goat


 Total Number of Horse and Donkey