Sectoral distribution of industrial enterprises in Karaman;

19,33 % Food Products Manufacturing, 16,39% Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing, 11,55% Other Mining and Quarrying, 7,14 % Manufacturing of Rubber and Plastic Products, 5,25 % Furniture Manufacturing, 5% Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products Manufacturing, 4,20 %Tree and Mushroom Products Manufacturing, 30,89% Other Sectors.

Food Manufacturing Industry has triggered various sectors such as packaging, machinery. So Karaman has become a self-sufficient food city.The companies manufacturing machinery for biscuit-chocolate sector are the important components of Karaman industry. Within the entire manufacturing industry, the machinery sector comes after the food sector with 16,39%.

Moreover, the economic structure of the region based on agriculture has been a factor in the development of agricultural machinery sector.According to the 2021 year February data in the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Sector, which is not classified elsewhere, there are 78 companies operate in the region. 20 enterprises of them are producing food machines and the other 45 enterprises are producing agricultural machines and machinery equipments.

Food machinery enterprises exoport a significant portion of their products. Exports of machinery and equipment amount to 15,79 million USD in 2020 in Karaman.The development of the food machinery sector is in line with the needs of the biscuit sector.

Most of the machinery enterprises operating in the region are SME.This structure gives enterprises the advantage of being able to move flexibly in rapidly changing economic situations and technological developments.The cheap labor advantage and advanced engineering skills in the region allow our enterprises to achieve a significant advantage over their competitors.

Today, the technology is developing rapidly and Karaman Machinery companies closely follow the developing technology. A machine company in the region has implemented the R & D center. 3 enterprises continue to establish R & D centers.