In Karaman, which has fertile soil, the industry has developed more mainly on agriculture. In the biscuit and chocolate industry, which is the sub-group of the manufacturing-food industry, Karaman occupies an important place in the country's production. 35% of Turkey's biscuit production and 20% of Turkey’s bulgur production is produced by Karaman. In Karaman, biscuit and food industry has triggered food machinery manufacturing and packaging sectors.

There are modern industrial facilities in Karaman that employ a large number of workers. Karaman has greater industrial potential than similiar cities.

There are 15 plants, 3 of them has large capacity - 1000 tons/day, that produce UHT milk, yoghurt, cheese and milk powder in our city. Karaman Agriculture Based Industry (Milk) Organized Industrial Zone that will be established on 250 ha land; will have 50 facilities with 5.300 milch cow capacity. Location selection is finalized and the process of determining the enterprising committee continues.

In the Organized Industrial Zone, zoning regulatory works for the declaration of FREE ZONE which has 2 million m2 area have been prepared. The company of the Free Zone is founded. The feasibility study is implemented.

Karaman OIZ Cargo Terminal will be established on 400 decare land for loading, unloading, container stock and customs activities. In addition, 300 decare of land was included in the project as an expansion area.

Karaman exports to 151 countries. In addition, In 2020, Karaman exported total of $ 258.018.528 (Special Trade System)  and Karaman is the 22nd province in Turkey in order the export per capita. (1.012$-2020)

In 2019, Karaman reached GDP of 11,84 Billion TL and the Province ranks the 25th per capita GDP in 2019. (per capita:47.001 TL).

39 % of Karaman territory is farm land. 72 % of the farmland is irrigable.

The products such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, apple and bean supporting the industry are heavily produced.

Karaman is 1st city considering the quantity of certified apple trees in Turkey, 4th city regarding the apple production quantity.

The research of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), Turkey's largest first 500 and 2nd largest 500 companies-2019

There  are 1 company from Karaman on the first 500 list, and 3 companies on the 2nd largest 500 list, that are announced by ISO.