General Economics

Due to its fertile environment, the industry in Karaman is mostly agriculture-based. Karaman is a major player in the biscuit and grain production, accounting for one third of the biscuit production and about 20% of the cracked wheat production of Turkey. The city also satisfies 20% of apple production and %15 of dry bean production in Turkey.

30% of lands in Karaman being arable, products supporting the industry, such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, and sugar beet are intensely produced.

As a part of food industry, animal husbandry and poultry are also common in Karaman.
With 4th Region Investment Incentives and affordable lands located in Karaman’s organized industrial zone, various companies actively operate in food, paper and packaging, machinery, mining and soil, and cold storage sectors.

As an area with a rapidly growing energy demand, Karaman also has a great potential in terms of energies such as fossil fuels, hydro-electric, solar, and wind energy. Karaman, covered with wide plains is a perfect location for solar energy investments, the fastest growing one among the renewable energy investments in Turkey.

Ranking first among all cities in Turkey based on solar energy radiation per year; Karaman also has the potential to be established feasible wind energy plant investments on.  

Furthermore, Ermenek Dam, located in Karaman, is the 4th largest dam in Turkey. The Dam is 210 meter tall and 59 square kilometer in area with its 4,5 billion cubic meter reservoir capacity. With its 210 meter height, it is the eight tallest dam in Europe. 

Karaman is not only a city of agriculture and industry, but also a tourism destination with its historical sites and natural beauty.

As Karaman is rich with the relics of the ancient era, it is possible to see the traces of ancient civilizations and hundreds of mounds some of which are still untouched. 

Karaman is also a holy city accomodating Derbe, which is one of a few Christian cities mentioned in the Bible and in which Paul the Apostle lived.

Carrying its historical values to the future, with its castle, squares, modern city planning and history Karaman is a bridge between past and future with concept of modern city planning combined with its historical fabric .

Located at the center of popular tourism routes Konya, Antalya and Cappadocia, Karaman has a great potential for hospitality industry investments.