In Karaman, whose economy has been based on agriculture on a large scale from past to present, the manufacturing industry has developed in parallel with the agricultural sector.  The establishment of the Karaman Organized Industrial Zone in 1989 is an important turning point for the Karaman industry. Thanks to the OIZ, businesses that produce under difficult conditions in the city have gained modern facilities. With the rapid increase in Biscuit, Confectionery and Chocolate facilities, the sector started to cluster in the city. The biscuit sector, which has chosen the foreign market instead of the domestic market, has become the leading sector of the city in the field of industry. The sector has been a factor in the development of sectors such as packaging, food, flour, food machinery, which are sub-sectors.

Packaging is a valuable material that protects the product in the best way according to the structure and shape of the product, keeps it clean, facilitates its transportation and at the same time promotes the product. Packages, which were previously only responsible for storing and transporting the product, have become a tool to introduce the product as well as to store the product in a clean way today. In this respect, packaging is effective in consumers' purchasing decisions. Packaging is an effective factor in the final sales stage, as it allows the product to be stored in healthy conditions, to be traceable with the code applications on the package, and to contain brand images and information. In addition, packaging provides cost savings as it minimizes product loss. The companies operating in the packaging sector with a market-oriented service understanding in our city are not only local with the packaging solutions they offer; They also continue their services at the global level. The companies that represent the sector produce Flexible Packaging, Offset Boxes and Corrugated Cardboard. Looking at the product details, it is seen that a wide range of production is made. The products mainly consist of Chips and Cookie Packaging, Biscuit and Cake Packaging, Chocolate and Candy Packaging, Dry Food and Pasta Packaging, Powdered Food and Beverage Packaging, Coffee and Tea Packaging, Frozen Food Packaging, Chemical and Hygienic Product Packaging, Pet Food Packaging.

In Karaman, the brand city of Türkiye's food industry, there are packaging companies that are solution partners of big brands that deliver their flavors to many countries of the world. Karaman packaging companies are the reliable packaging manufacturers of the brands that produce for the big market chains of our country. As of 2022, around 15 companies operate in the packaging industry in Karaman. Among these companies, 2 medium/large-sized companies produce offset boxes, 4 companies produce flexible packaging, and 1 company produces corrugated cardboard.  Two of the companies are foreign investments and offer value to Karaman's industry and employment. The companies that make significant contributions to the exports of the province export a significant proportion of their capacities with the packaging solutions they serve. With exports and domestic sales, the packaging industry continues to develop and contribute to our city as a rising business line.

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