Karaman, which is the gateway of the Central Anatolia Region to the Mediterranean, has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Karaman's location on the historical silk roads and its current economic potential have always kept its commercial life alive. Karaman, with its arable lands, is the center of the food manufacturing industry based on rich agricultural and animal production. There are modern industrial facilities in Karaman that employ a large number of workforce. Karaman occupies an important place in the biscuit and chocolate industry in the country's production. Approximately 35% of Türkiye's biscuit production is carried out in Karaman.

Karaman is effective in biscuit, chocolate, cake wafer, flour, bulgur, pasta, fruit storage and processing industry, packaging, textile, animal products industry, milk and dairy products, agriculture and food machinery industry, feed industry, forest products processing and mining industry. It is among the promising cities with its companies that have a say in country economy.

With its industry and foreign trade potential that exports to more than 160 countries, Karaman makes very important contributions in line with the targets of our country, in proportion to the size of the city. On the journey of our region to become an important economic corridor; Karaman's export-based economy, agricultural infrastructure, deep-rooted industrial culture, and investments that continue without slowing down have significant contributions.

There is 1 Organized Industrial Zone in Karaman. The establishment process of the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone continues. Similarly, the process of establishing Karaman Technology Development Zone and Karaman Free Zone continues. 

Regarding the logistics infrastructure of Karaman, Karaman Ring Road, Karaman-Mut Road, Ermenek-Mut Road, Ayrancı-Erdemli Road projects are continuing. The railway high-speed train connection between Konya and Karaman has been made suitable for 200 km/h, double-track, electrified and signaled. Karaman - Ulukışla - Yenice New Railway and 2nd Line Construction Project is also continuing.

In 2022, Karaman exported 310 million dollars to 154 countries.

-Karaman ranks 28th in Türkiye with a GDP per capita of 70.495 TL in 2021.

-37% of Karaman lands are agricultural land. Although 71% of agricultural lands are irrigable areas, the total irrigated area is 43.5% of agricultural lands.

-In Karaman, products such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, apple and beans are grown intensively. Karaman was among the top 5 provinces in Türkiye in terms of 13 different agricultural products in 2022.

-Our province ranks first in our country in terms of the number of certified apple trees.

-Karaman is among the first 3 provinces in Türkiye in terms of apple production, although its ranking changes every year according to climatic conditions.

The research of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), Türkiye's largest first 500 and 2nd largest 500 companies-2021

There  are 1 company from Karaman on the first 500 list, and 3 companies on the 2nd largest 500 list, that are announced by ISO.

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