The main underground wealth  in Karaman are lignite fields found in Ermenek and Konya-Karapınar / Karaman-Ayrancı districts.

In the Ermenek-Taştepe lignite field observed within the Neogene sediment units, a total reserve of 5.918.000 tons with a high calorific value was determined.In Ermenek area, 1,700,000 tons of possible reserves with a calorific value of 3262 Kcal / kg were determined.  Production is done in these fields.

In addition, as a result of the studies conducted by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration in the province and nearby areas, talc, sand-gravel and barite formations as well as aluminum, copper-lead-zinc and manganese mineralizations from metallic mines have been identified as industrial raw material sources. However, most of them are small sized formations.

Furthermore, there is great marble potential throughout the province and an inventory study is conducted by the General Directorate.

Copper-lead-zinc mineralizations are located in Sarıveliler district and aluminum mineralization is located in Ayrancı district. The manganese mineral  observed in Kazımkarabekir, Centre-Taşkale and Centre districts have been produced in the past years.

Barite and talc formations are also observed in Kazımkarabekir and Ayrancı districts.

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