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MEVKA Karaman Investment Support Office Researched Target Markets in the Apple Sector

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mevlana Development Agency continues its activities in order to ensure regional development, to reduce inter-regional and intra-regional development disparities, and to attract national and international investors to the region with the financial and technical support programs it implements in the Konya-Karaman Region. It also continues to prepare reports on various issues that companies need.

In this context, in the Apple Sector Target Market Research Report prepared by the Mevlana Development Agency for the apple sector, which is one of the important sectors of Karaman, the current situation of the sector in the world, the world apple import and export and the market situation have been analyzed. location has been studied. In addition, a target market matrix was created according to the determined methodology, and some of the countries that could be target markets were examined in detail by listing the potential markets.

Commenting on the report prepared, Mevlana Development Agency Secretary General İhsan Bostancı said: are organizations. As the agency, we continue our activities in order to activate all the potentials in our region that will contribute to the development move of our country, and to shed light on our business world, non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders in our region, investors, public sector and private sector representatives with the sector reports we have prepared in this direction. we are working. In today's rapidly globalizing world, it has become very important to identify new markets for countries and businesses and to export products to these markets. For this reason, businesses and potential exporting companies need strategic studies to identify new markets. Competing in strategically incorrectly determined markets causes serious costs for businesses. However, wrong target market selection; causes loss of capital, time and motivation. On the other hand, it has become easier to determine the target market with the right techniques and analyzes today, where communication and access to information opportunities have increased. As Mevlana Development Agency, it is among our primary goals for our companies to rise to a competitive position in foreign markets. Due to the rapid changes in world trade, it is of great importance for our exporters to take a timely and correct position in potential markets. In this context, our Agency continues its efforts to help our companies identify markets that offer opportunities and reach new customers. Our aim in preparing this report for the apple sector, which makes great contributions to the Karaman economy, is to increase the added value obtained from the apple sector and to ensure that the Karaman Apple can be exported with the value it deserves at world standards. Karaman ranks first in our country in terms of the number of apple trees planted.

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