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MEVKA Karaman Investment Support Office Analyzed Karaman's Industrial and Economic Situation

Continuing its activities in Konya and Karaman Region under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mevlana Development Agency analyzed the industry and economic situation of Karaman in the light of current data. With the study prepared by the Karaman Investment Support Office, the production and economic conditions of Karaman Center and Ayrancı, Başyayla, Ermenek, Kazımkarabekir and Sarıveliler districts were discussed under different headings.

The "Karaman Economy and Industry Analysis" study, which reveals the economy and industry situation of Karaman, has been offered to the private sector, public and non-governmental organizations in our province. Within the scope of the study, the current socio-economic situation of the province was examined under eleven main headings and in the details of the district, foreign trade data were analyzed and compared with the previous years, exported and imported products were discussed in sections. The report also includes the latest situation in small industrial estates and organized industries, which are important references for the development of the industrial sector, and also benefited from the industry registry certificate, capacity report and investment incentive certificates, which are important data reflecting the current industrial potential. Agricultural data, deposit and loan data and housing sales data are also included in our report under a separate heading.

The data used in the study, T.C. It was obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Karaman Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology, Karaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karaman Organized Industry Zone Directorate, TÜİK, TOBB, Karaman Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and Turkey Exporters Assembly, and the necessary calculations were made by our agency. You can reach the study, which was prepared to shed light on the current economic situation of our region, on the website of our agency

Karaman Investment Support Office
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Karaman Investment Support Office

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